Software • Algorithms • Crypto


When I was 10 (1982), my father let me play with one of the first portable computers (an HP 85). I was amazed by the concept of performing and evaluating all sorts of statements and expressions in an orderly manner. They called it software.

40 years later, software is everywhere, and I'm still fascinated by it. The software systems are more complex than ever and affect our lives more than we realize.
Today, I'm a hard-core software engineer, I program computers and wonder how to make things more efficient, simpler and more powerful. I freelance 4 days a week. 2 days per week, I work on self-defined software projects.


I mainly program in C, Java and Typescript. But there is more than programming languages. In most software systems there are all kinds of resource constraints. I have a lot of experience with the so-called execution architecture of software systems.


The core of software is often described by algorithms. I work a lot on algorithms. Some examples are efficient sparse vectors, quad trees, continuous merge sort, geo-location, clustering, and training-algorithms.


Training-algorithms and mathematical models can help to discover patterns for all kinds of data, e.g. the price of crypto coins. In 2021, I started designing software for this. Today, my crypto bots generate buy and sell signals, 24/7, for 2 major Crypto bot operators.
More info about my professional career and experiences can be found on LinkedIn.